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Tara Rose Gladstone_Gladysdit-24_HROver the last four years, « I have helped write three and a half books » introduces the young entrepreneur.  Tara could be tagged as a Communicator, even a Ghostwriter. Just like the main character in Roman Polanski’s movie Ghost Writer she listens to people and tries to put herself in their shoes. She tries to understand their brains to find their voice through writing. But this is not all she is capable of, at just 30 years old, Tara Rose Gladstone is reaching her true calling: being an actress, one of her life-long dreams.

Tara Rose has lived in Barcelona, Spain for the past seven years, but she is originally from San Diego, CA, USA. After majoring in dance with a minor in writing, she moved to New York City and wrote for Dance Magazine. After breaking both feet, dancing was no longer an option, and living as a writer in a tough city like New York was not the right option either. After feeling fed-up with the Big Apple, she went back home to California. There, she started working in a hotel to pay her bills. She felt lost. Tons of questions came up like: What will she do with her life? Should she move to the Silicon Valley to find a position in tech? What were her real options? Hard to tell.

She felt lost, and her family tried to support her as much as possible. « My dad had lived in Barcelona when he was 16. He suggested I move there ». Her father proposed to help her move to Barcelona for six months. What did she have to lose? Nothing. So, she agreed.

When lost, what’s better than trying a new path to find your way back? « I realized that getting away from America was the best thing for me.» Living in Barcelona, she learned a different language, and it helped her understand the state of mind and culture of her host country. She also realized how living abroad helps you grow as a human being. « American rhetoric makes us feel that we are the center of everything. And it’s not true. It’s different to go on a vacation in a new place and to actually try living there. Spanish people are all about community. They enjoy the pleasures of life. They live and don’t just work. » She was 24 at the time.
Tara Rose GladStone

When the host of her first apartment in Barcelona asked her how old she was, she was very embarrassed. In the US, she should have been laying the first bricks of her empire, working in a big firm or something. The answer she received from her host changed her perception « Ohh! 24! You’re a baby; your life is just beginning ». The pressure left, maybe not for good, but it opened a path. She realized that it was ok to take some time to breathe. Then she started looking for a Master’s program to organize her time and perfect her Spanish. After graduating in Public Relations and learning the language, she was finally ready to go back home. Surprise! She received a LinkedIn message for an interview that would change the course of her destiny.

Then she spent about a year working in a communications firm. There, she realized that it was not the life she envisioned for herself. She felt like a machine and needed some space to breath and create. It was terrifying in a sense, but she was ready to quit. It was like a reminder of her youth. From age zero to nine, she always felt alive. Creative. Authentic. Singing. Writing. Dancing. Around nine her life completely changed when her parents separated. « My mother became sad.I became sad. I felt some darkness and emptiness in the house. I was scared. Closed. » This is a place she didn’t want to visit again; a time when she started wanting approval from everyone at school, and she felt rejection at its max.  During college, dance helped her get her balance back. It helped her understand who she is. When she quit the communications firm she felt more in touch with who she is and what she wants. She was ready to start over!

« In that moment of my life, it felt like a life and death situation. I couldn’t live like that anymore. I went on fancy vacations. I had great clothing, but I started to feel dead inside.  All I did was work, work, and work, and I’m a hard worker, but it needs to be for something I believe in», she explains. She was determined, maybe not to build an empire, but to create the course of her life on her own terms. « My father is an entrepreneur; my mother is an artist. They are survivors. I knew there were many things  I could do to get myself out of this. Even if it meant doing something I wasn’t fond of for awhile» She left, and writing helped her find balance and get on the right track. She then wrote her first book. 

Tara Rose GladStone


Even if being a writer is fulfilling in many ways, you spent a lot of hours alone. So Tara started taking creative classes to build a sense of community. Tara has always been willing to try anything creative. She started looking for schools, tried out a bunch of different creative activities from painting to singing and ended up acting eight hours a day. It is now a full-time devotion. Because she still needs to pay her bills, she continues editing content for other writers, and does social media marketing as a consultant, but as she explains « Acting is where my heart and soul come alive. » After three years of full involvement, she has an agent, Bea Oliete at Decara Actores, and has just finished a feature film called Enclosed as one of the lead actress from two young directors, Anuar Dossybiev and Gabriel Rhabani, produced by Afilm in Sitges, Barcelona. The story is about eight people who end up in a refugee shelter in a time of war. « It shows what happens to humanity when we run out of resources. I lived some dark experiences during the film. Most of my life, I have tried to escape feeling bad.  But now I see that I have evolved by ACCEPTING, even embracing pain, as a job, for this film. » shares Tara. To prepare for the movie, where she plays Grace, she listened to depressing music, and would spend hours alone, isolated from everyone inside the warehouse where it was filmed. « I went deep into darkness. I’m usually always happy and positive. And through this experience I realized how powerful it is to accept your dark side too. It is a beautiful and necessary aspect of life. People don’t want it. Don’t want to feel it. But it’s necessary; it helps you appreciate the light and beauty in the world. » This experience helped her continue to learn about life, its balance, and how to use fiction to find truth. « Through storytelling, we access the deepest truths about humanity, » she adds. For her next role, she will play a cocaine addict trapped in a tumultuous love affair.  She aims to bring the same sense of truth and aliveness to this character as she did to Grace. She may repeat some tactics from the last film.  To help her find the real personality of her last character, and incarnate her complexity, Tara wrote Grace’s biography and even kept a daily journal where the character shared her feelings before and during the shooting process. « It was so fun. It helped me hear her voice and make her real.  That way she could guide my actions through each moment. I breathed a lot of life into her.  I really enjoy being an actress».

After using her writing talent as a Ghost Writer, and now using other people’s voice as an actress to share truth-filled stories, the next obvious step would be to write her own stories and start sharing them with the world; to fully express her inner voice. «I’m still learning and growing by telling other people’s stories, I’m enjoying it to the max. And it will be another brave step when I’m ready to tell my own. One of my favorite dance teachers, Gabriel Masson, said « When you find your voice, and are ready to share it with the world, it’s going to be so beautiful. »  At the time I didn’t know exactly what he meant. But now I am finding it more and more every day. » It takes confidence and courage. Tara has it all. She is at the beginning of her journey, and she already has accomplished so much! As she said, « Sometimes we need to escape ourselves to know ourselves, » and this is the perfect way to conclude her story for today while we wait for her next chapter. 

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